Favorite book of mine: Părintele Porfirie – Antologie de sfaturi și îndrumări

I like a lot this book with pieces of advice by Părintele PorfirieAntologie de sfaturi și îndrumări (Publishing house link »).

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An automated translation of the book’s description:

Children’s education is the primary obligation of parents. Parents who have failed in educating their children are usually considered failures in everything. If they put their lives in the service of expanding businesses and multiplying money and wealth, becoming tycoons and rich, but they did not lift a finger for the elementary education of their children, then it means that not only did they not have offered them nothing, but they also fought and tired to make them lazy, incompetent and criminals! and do you know why? Because money, when it falls into the hands of depraved people, harms both those who have it and those who lack it. Because the first – those who have it – take advantage of the last – those who do not have it – as they please.

I’ll return with more details on the book at a future date.

Parintele Porfirie - Antologie de sfaturi si indrumari

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